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Post by Berty »

Based on those interior images and looking up the interior of a new Sportage, specifically the entry level and commercial spec I would say the dash of the entry level is going to look pretty awful, let alone all the other internal and external differences, the dash is really going to stand out.
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Post by Buster38 »

Like the interior. First time I sat in a current Sportage, I liked the all-in-one instrumentation and I've never liked the push button gear selection in the Tucson (it's back to front). I also like this revamp has physical switchgear. I'm not liking the bigger day light running lights at the front, prefer the smaller 'teardrops' of the current version. The phone charger/stowage looks to be in a better position if you still need to stick a cable in the end of your 'Phablet' sized brick. Also looks like there is a parcel shelf now for the passenger and they've got rid of the storage bins at the bottom of the centre console.
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Post by terryp »

There are now a number of videos on youtube showing some of the changes arriving in the next year. One such is

For my part I think that Hyundai are making unnecessary changes and spoiling the whole concept of the original design. The front DRLs look great as they are and putting the gear selector on the steering column is going back to old American cars of the sixties. The introduction of rotary dials for AC and volume is pandering to a minority. I always adjust the volume through the button on the steering wheel so the rotary dial encourages drivers to take their hands off the wheel. Change for the sake of change.
Such a shame to spoil what is currently a great design, and so soon after the original launch. I think the comments on this forum reflect what most potential buyers will be thinking when this version comes in to the showrooms.
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Post by jarvis »

Ha ha, instead of an actual dashboard wide continuous vent (the diffuse feature) the new version will have only the illusion of one, like the VW Passat (B8).
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Post by Scott19 »

Al94 wrote: Wed Nov 22, 2023 1:01 pm Very disappointing. Expected more on the exterior but probably better for those keeping the current model. Has anyone seen a photo of the rear, wondered if they have improved the lighting especially reversing lights and indicators. Not a fan of the interior either - looks lower tech if this applies right across the entire range. I'm assuming the rotary controls are a cheaper option. Jury out on the rotary column gear change.
Like all mid life facelifts on a vehicle, it mainly front and rear bumpers and lighting changes and interior changes, nothing drastic. Rear view, More or less the same but the rear indicator lights/fog lamps have changed a little bit in shape to accomodate new rear bumper (hopefully LED indicators this time, N-Line always had LED indicators) they also seem to have smoked look about the rear indicators/fog lamps and rear bumper is different, Main light/brake lights have not changed :-
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Post by Big S »

For those that are interested in the 2024 Face lift Tucson here's a more in depth video of it.

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Post by peteh »

Buster38 wrote: Fri Nov 24, 2023 12:49 pm Like it. Always wished my car had a dash like the current all-in-one Sportage and a rotary gear selector as opposed to the drive and reverse buttons (in the wrong order).
Glad I'm not the only one who felt the D and R are in the wrong place! We must be on a similar place on some spectrum or other, lol. On reversing out of the drive in the morning, I often instinctively go to press where the D button is.

And on the subject of those buttons. I feel the gear change/selector/button is weak and will be tweaked or improved in the future.

It's not a massive problem, but I am sure most/all users have noticed during a manouvre that requires you to go between D and R, it is not as clean as it should be?

It's not unusual to put your foot down only to find that it hasn't actually selected the gear you thought it had when it moves in the opposite direction you expected it to! Although you're sure you pressed the brake and pressed the button. It feels like a work in progress sometimes, rather than the finished 40k product.
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Post by NewMrP »

I understand people feel the D & R are the wrong way round but it seems this isn’t unique to Hyundai as my wife’s 23 plate Vauxhall Mokka is exactly the same. Perhaps in the perverse mind of some car designer it’s a safety feature…….🤷🏻‍♂️🤔
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On newer YouTube videos where they do an actual walkround, there is Interesting stuff such as Head Up Display shown. The infotainment is the new CcNc? system so that should bring wireless Carplay/Android Auto as per the new Kona. Should also facilitate over the air updates which is a step in the right direction. The rear indicator clusters are still low down which is a bit of a shame plus what looks like a retrograde step on the Nline, are incadecent bulbs for reverse or indicators ..

On the whole I like what they have done particularly like the front end of the N Line. The interior in my opinion is a step up from the current car. Apparently there are thicker carpets and more sound deadening around the cabin. Fingers crossed for the mat paintwork options as particularly on an nline model it gives it a certain presence.

No engine changes mentioned in the vids.

As always I'll just wait to see the car in the flesh plus a review of a UK bound car. The car shown in the vids ive seen is a Korean market car so specs will be different to UK/Euro spec cars.
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For anyone interested, there is an update on Euro spec/new exterior colours etc on the hyundai news page.
https://www.hyundai.news/eu/articles/st ... elift.html
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