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Averaging 48 to 50 here. I get the impression there is quite a difference in summer v winter mpg as a result of more EV use in warmer weather.
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I have the HEV too, had it for a couple of months and driven around 1800 miles. So far my average is showing 44.5 mpg but it’s steadily improving. The car shows the mpg for each trip when you turn the engine off, when I glance at it it’s normally 48-50mpg which is helping the average to improve.

My best ever was 117 mpg, a short 3 mile drive to my daughter’s friends house, all driven with a feather light right foot!!
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a feather light right foot!!
What's one of those ? :shock:
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We’ve done 6500 miles our average is now 47mpg
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Hey thanks everyone indeed for sharing this with us. Sorry my late reply, I have been watching the thread and only just realised there was a page 2 doh!!!

Have you all bought your Tucson’s or on a pcp/lease if I may ask?

We have had such bad luck with owning cars over the last 10 years we went down the lease route.

We have wayched quite a few videos and long chats. I think at the monent we will just hold off and keep a close eye on the monthly payments and hope that it will begin to reduce over the next few months if the semiconductor issue eases aswell as going into Autumn/Winter.

We certainly want a Tucson and we aim to go for the HEV one, which has helped from all your comments. Makes good sense having some electric that is generated free, so to speak.

On the motorway I tend to stick to the speed limits but straight upto 70 once I can and go upto 80 when I can following the stream of traffic

Bit heavy footed with late breaking. Would that have a detrimental effect on how this HEV works etc?

Thank you
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I purchased my car outright. Got a very good trade in deal for my X3 and also got a 12% discount for belonging to the CAMC (Caravan & Motorhome Club). I don't think there's any 0% finance deals around at the moment and I have always thought that PCP is a bit of a rip off with that final payment you need to make. Given that the car has a 5 year warrenty, I think you do best to keep it for 5 years and you can't get a PCP for that long (as far as I know).

I've just come back from Coventry to Rochdale up the M6/M62 setting the cruise control at 70 and letting it manage braking & acceleration as much as possible. I got 50.2 mpg according to the trip. I think if you go much over this, or use your 'heavy foot' for accelerating and braking, then the mpg will be reduced.

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My son and I both have Hybrids, and have found that motorway speeds have a huge effect on mpg, this has been a bit of a shock for him as his previous car was a Skoda Superb diesel which still gave great mpg even with a leaden right foot, he’s had to adapt his driving style to suit the Tucson otherwise he’d be constantly filling up, he’s average is now 49.8 over 9500 miles in four months, he gets roughly 550 miles per tank.
We’ve both found using the cruise control all the time certainly helps, I even use it around town as it works from 20mph it certainly improves to mpg as it prioritise’s EV mode at low speed and makes driving in traffic far more relaxing.
So far ( apart from a long list of other quality/reliability issues) the mpg ,47 average at 6500 miles, is the best I’ve gotten from any recent car since my VW CC diesel, we had a Kona 1.0 for a while and the mpg on that was absolutely rubbish.
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So far ( apart from a long list of other quality/reliability issues)
Maybe worthy of a thread all of its own!
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Thank you folks for the reply

As we did not want to own a car again we went down the lease route as the pcp was that final figure we did not want. Can go up to 4 years.

Sounds you had a good deal with the 0% and discount applied 👍

I think if we could get into the 40s that would be ok. Just going to have to accept there are no diesel options pretty much and have to learn again with petrol.

Even looking at standard cars are just as dear if not dearer than The Tucson, which is crazy. Each conversation we have its always coming back to the Tucson.

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