EV not working 1.6 TGDi 48V MHD N Line

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I have a 2023 MHEV (covered 3500 miles) which never seems to use the electric motor unless in sport mode and then only briefly with foot to the floor.

My MPG is awful .. I drive like a nun and get 29.9 MPG Ave.

I have the recovery/use graphic on all the time and whilst it happily charges the battery on trailing throttle, the electric motor never seems to engage. I know the monitor will show the electric motor working but only in sport with my foot to the floor.

I have driven it in Eco mode since I got it averaging 29.9mpg. Recently tried it in normal and seemed to get better MPG which does not sound right.

I drive like a nun these days so not due to a lead foot.

Has anybody had the same issues or know how I could go about sorting it out? Why have the added weight of an electric motor and battery if it serves no purpose?

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Post by jarvis »

It's normal for the MHEV, others report the same behaviour, see this thread

TLDR: Best MPG achieved in Normal mode.

ECO: Saves battery for coasting/sailing
Sport: Saves battery for heavy acceleration
Normal: Best of both?!
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MHEV Will not drive purely on electric as it's designed to only assist the motor in accelerating and to provide braking when "sailing" to a stop. If you have the 180bhp 4wd version, the mpg is woeful as documented by others in older posts.
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