Tuscon - door lock issues - they wont open

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Post by AmandaJ »

Hi, I have had two door actuators fail on my 2016 Tucson, one last year whilst still in warranty, the second in August,10 months out of warranty. I have also had to pay £442 to have repaired as a MOT fail and it was my drivers door so highly inconvenient.
Hyundai are refusing any acknowledgement of a known problem and no offer of goodwill. Has anyone had any success with pursuing this?
Thank you

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Post by Freeze1 »

I just had the same failure on my Tucson 2015 model and wondered if anyone ever tried to contact Hyundai direct to get the fault fixed under warranty after the warranty expired?
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Post by LizTee »

2015 Tuscon actuator issue here too
All doors unlock but I have to pull the handle 3 times before the door opens.

My car falls between the dates of the US extended warranty and it iseems ridiculous that they arent applying that to UK vehickes too. It relates to a specific part number so surely that part is the same wherever in the world you are

Might try & contact Hyundai once I've scoured the web looking for examples of this happening. £450 odd is not cheap and a darned cheek when they know theres a problem 😳
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Post by Rozeeboy74 »

This happened to both rear doors of my car within 3 weeks of each other. Fixed to the tune of £500 a side. Now, not 6 months after that, the drivers door is experiencing the same problem. I took this to Hyundai but was fobbed off with the standard line, US and UK are different companies. Doesn't mean the UK doesn't have the same problem as US vehicles.

How can Hyundai possibly ignore this? Three doors gone within 12 months. The car is a 67 plate so not exactly new, done 85,000 miles, but the same issue every time??

I have kept the removed parts and short of going to my local dealer, shouting the odds and throwing the parts on the desk, I don't think I am going to get anywhere.
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Post by ravenwest »

It's not just a USA thing.Facebook has a Gen 3 tucson forum and people on that group have suffered same problem.
2020 se nav gdi.
I also have Honda VTR 1000 that I use for weekend ride outs and a KTM 250 for green laning
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Post by Stoney7 »

Hi all, I’ve just joined the Forum in the hope that someone can help with our central locking problem. We have a late 2015 Tucson 4WD turbo diesel which has done just over 70k now and has FSH. It’s been a great car to date and has superb torque and 4WD capability.
About 4 months ago we found that you couldn’t open the front passenger door with the central locking fob but thought we would live with it as the others open on the fob.
The fob works fine and you can hear the mechanism unlocking but you cannot open the passenger door from the outside. Yesterday whilst we were in Dartmoor the drivers door also failed to open with the fob. I used the key in the drivers door manually but this too still does not allow the drivers door to open. I decided to phone Hyundai Nottingham (who I have used before) and was told that it could cost me £150 for a diagnosis if the problem is found not to be a warranty issue which is clearly designed to put people off finding out. I then Googled the problem to find numerous others have exactly the same issue which surely renders it ‘a known problem’ and therefore a potential manufacturer issue. Is the problem down to the actuators or should I check fuses first?
Any advice offered would be welcomed. Thanks Paul
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Actuators have gone in both my front doors, three months apart. Hyundai UK won't take responsibility for these faulty / substandard parts as it's not a known issue, which clearly isn't true.

This is a safety issue and cars should be recalled - if anyone has an accident the emergency services may not be able to open the door if the acuator has failed.

My final word is for anyone out there who has found themselves here because they are thinking of buying a Tucson - don't. Your purchase will eventually cost you an additional £500 per door over time.
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samfamfa wrote: Fri Oct 20, 2023 1:10 pm Actuators have gone in both my front doors, three months apart.
Welcome to the forum, ’samfamfa’.

Which model of Tucson?
Which year model?
Service history?

On the basis of my history with Hyundai cars, I cannot imagine that a warranty claim would be rejected because of the issue you describe. A little more information might enlighten readers but to join the forum and immediately warn potential Hyundai purchasers against buying a Hyundai based on your opinion really is a bit of a stretch.
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It really isn't. I thought this was a forum where people share all sorts, including opinions. I'm responding to the thread about door actuators, the back story is there. But go ahead if you want to buy a 2016 or 2017 plate if you've got money to burn and don't mind spending an additional £500 per door. As you can tell, I'm pretty cross about this and am entitled to share my opinion due to the way Hyundai UK are treating this issue for many Tucson owners. I will be sharing my opinion far and wide as I don't want others to experience this huge expense. Thanks for being so welcoming.
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Deleted User 1610 wrote: Fri Oct 20, 2023 10:08 pm I'm responding to the thread about door actuators, the back story is there.
I admit to not having read the thread in full, imagining, wrongly, that it was a standalone post complaining of doors failing to open as expected. I have now read the other posts in the thread so apologies for that.

While I readily accept your concern in regard to the safety aspect, it seems that most of the complaints seem to arise from cars that are out of warranty. Therein lies the problem. Clearly, were these matters to occur within the warranty period, Hyundai would need to deal with the issues. Upon the expiry of the 5-year warranty, then it becomes difficult to prosecute any kind of case in the UK without the help of an excellent law firm and expert witness(es)......and very deep pockets!

Although I find it hugely disappointing that such a fault with its safety implications can occur in older Tucsons, I doubt very much if any other global manufacturer would act differently from Hyundai in the same situation. By and large, car manufacturers are not noted for their benevolence towards customers, many hiding behind the industry standard of three years/60,000 mile warranty with ’no fault found’ being a common response to many complaints during the three year period then suddenly, a very expensive repair becomes required just after the expiry of the warranty.

Call me cynical but I’ve been around the block a few times!

Good luck getting the matter fixed and hopefully, cheaper than the price you mentioned.
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