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Post by DrElectron »

Had my car serviced by Hyundai Swindon (Pebley Beach). They used the correct grade of 0w20 but overfilled way over the maximum on the dipstick.
I ended up sucking out 500ml to get it back down to the F mark.
They also left the radiator fan disconnected.
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Post by projectff »

Resurfacing this thread as this has happened to me on my first service for my PHEV. Saw the service invoice had 5W-30 and queried it, even though manual says 0W-20,and they just yes that's the one.

For those that challenged this how did you go about doing this? Just speak to service manager, go to the top or ask Hyundai UK?
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Post by GrumpyDad »

At this point, I would be tempted to go directly to Hyundai UK. They should have made clear to all service centres that the oil specification is not subject to interpretation. This sort of thing should not be happening, and once again it seems to be the ongoing, unspoken fight between engineers and mechanics. It strikes me that this is yet another case of "We [the mechanic] know better than the manufacturer of the engine", but I bet if you ask them to give you a statement in writing that they warrant the out of spec oil they have chosen will not damage your engine or exhaust system, to be replaced at their expense if it is, they will refuse.

It might be worth going to the upper management of the company that did the service, and explain that their service department is using out of spec products during servicing, and then fobbing off customers. It is very likely they don't know that it is happening. If you do, make sure to include copies of the oil specs from the Owner's Manual (Page 2-21 in the current version), and perhaps include this webpage, which details some of the damaged that can be caused by mechanics thinking they know better than the engineers: ... f-failure/

Physio49, who started this thread posted earlier (it's on page 4):
physio49 wrote: Wed Jul 19, 2023 9:32 am Having started this thread I was rung up by the CEO of the Hyundai dealers to say that 5w-30 is the wrong oil - and to return my car to the dealer and have the correct 0-20 filled after flush and new oil filter! Apparently there MAY be a connection to blocked DPF when using the 5-30. He was most apologetic that I had been fobbed of.
So, whilst I am aware of the slight difference in the oils, it is enough it would seem to be of concern. I for one, are now happy to have the right one.
So maybe your service centre's upper management will be similar.
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Post by Seamasinban »

I'm quite late to this thread. I have a 2022 hybrid tucson automatic. I got the first service done at the dealers here in Spain. I've decided to do the second one myself as they are looking for EUR355 which I find a bit over the top. Anyway, I noted that my user manual states 0w20 as the recommended oil. However, the dealer used 0w30 in the first oil change. I called the dealers and they confirmed that I should use 0w30. I then checked on the castrol website and it gives 0w20 for my car. I then contacted Hyundai Spain to ask them. They then got on to the dealers who called me just to confirm to me once again that it should be 0w30. I asked why it said 0w20 in the user manual and they told me not to mind the user manual, but to look instead in the service booklet, where it states that the recommended oil is Shell Helix 0w30. I then checked in the Shell oil website and, yes you've guessed it, even Shell say I should be using 0w20. So, either there is some weird confusion in-house in Hyundai, or Hyundai Spain are using the wrong spec oil in my car. I am going to contact Hyundai Europe to see if they will give me some clarity. But I've a feeling I might have ruffled some Spanish feathers here. Also, I checked with my VIN number with a dealer in Ireland and they confirmed 0w20. I fully intend to use 0w20 for the oil change but I will try to follow this to the end. It's not acceptable really if they are recommending a different spec oil to what I should have. There may still be a perfectly legitimate reason for the dealer insisting on 0w30 but, at the moment, he seems to be on his own. I wonder about the warranty implications of all this.
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Post by Indalo »

Seamasinban wrote: Tue May 14, 2024 4:50 pm I'm quite late to this thread. I have a 2022 hybrid tucson automatic. I got the first service done at the dealers here in Spain. I've decided to do the second one myself as they are looking for EUR355 which I find a bit over the top.
Welcome to the forum, ’Seamasinban’.

Given the situation in which you find yourself, if it were me, I would unquestionably have the car serviced by a pukka KIA network dealer and wouldn’t concern myself about the oil they use. As the first service was done (presumably) by a KIA dealer, should you suffer engine/turbo damage with your car, then the finger of suspicion will point straight at the dealer, rather than you. Self-servicing or servicing performed by ‘my mechanic’ is not a good place from which to argue when engine/turbo failure to the tune of several thousand €s worth of warranty work is denied through possible non-compliant specification parts, oils or fluids.

That aside, €355 seems very reasonable for service #2 as it involves a bit more that the first service.
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Post by terryp »

My car received it's second service earlier this year and for the second time, despite my querying, it was supplied with 5W/30 oil.
I note from the handbook that although 0W/20 is recommended for UK, 5W/30 is recommended for countries with a warmer climate. As I'm taking it to Algarve for the summer where temperatures are likely to reach 35c or 40c I decided reluctantly to leave it at that.
By the way, they also overfilled the oil level which, for time immemorable has been the case, and left the cover off the fuse box.
My nearest alternative Hyundai dealer is 35miles away.
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Post by Seamasinban »

If you go onto the castrol, shell, mobil websites and input my cars details, then they all recommend 0w20. Having done some research, it seems as though the lower viscosity of the 0w20 is better for these hybrid engines as they don't tend to heat up the oil as much as normal combustion engines as the go in and out of eco mode throughout their journey, in particular in urban settings. Also the 0w20 should give slightly better fuel economy. I think an official recommendation from Hyundai is what is needed to sort all of this out once and for all. I have requested this but I won't be holding my breath.
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Post by pharaoh »

Whilst it's no help to anyone here, this oil minefield is not peculiar to Hyundai, the VAG bunch are just as bad, if not worse.
With a Skoda I used to own, I wanted to buy a litre of oil to take with me abroad for Justin. Getting the dealer to find out which was the correct type was nightmare and I'm not convinced I was sold the right one in the end. Luckily, I never had to use it.
To add insult to injury, I later booked the car in for its first service, dropped it off on the day, only to receive a phone call later in the day asking me to come and collect the car because the service couldn't be done as they didn't have the correct engine oil in stock. I had to take the car back a few days later - good thing the delaer wasn't 40 miles away !
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