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Hi all, looking for some inspired suggestions. I’ve found my perfect car - right spec, low mileage, very good price. BUT, it has white leather interior and I have a large dog. We spend a lot of time covered in mud & dirt and I don’t want to be constantly cleaning the seats.

Any suggestions how to get round it. I’ll be gutted to walk away but it’s really not practical at the moment unless there’s an alternative to the white interior - seat covers?

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Find one with a black interior!!

No seriously you can get a ceramic coating for leather seats something along the lines of these : https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/interior ... r-sealants

Whilst it won't help with any possible claw marks etc the dirt will be easier to remove.
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You're still spreading the dirt no matter what colour your upholstery. The matching plastic door cars etc still scratch the same too, it's all just easier to see.
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Of couse, the other alternative is to change the dog :)

[Yes, it is a joke].

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Dog in boot area with dog guard and waterproof/hose down boot liner. Quick removable seat covers on front seats so you can remove when you don't intend to be muddy. Is there such a thing as transparent seat covers so you can still see the interior trim???

Rubber car mats rather than fabric.

The Tucsons leather seats are perforated so getting em muddy, regardless of colour, is far from ideal.
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