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I was unfortunate enough to hit a pheasant at 65-70 mph on the dual carriageway this morning, it just ran out in front of me so was still on the ground and I couldn't avoid hitting it.

Now I know that our new prescious vehicles are designed to self destruct to save us/pedestrians in the event of a collision but given the damage to the front of our car in terms of outer and inner bumper pieces as well as the undertray I have to wonder if I am being unreasonable to expect it to be able to withstand such an impact with presumably the head of a bird without causing what is likely to amount to some hundreds of pounds to repair!!

I've been looking all day but can't seem to find an equivalent bumper to even find the part numbers for the damaged parts.

My questions I'm hoping someone can help with are:

1) Can anyone identify the part numbers for the bumper in the image here? Specifically the grey/silver coloured bit along the bottom.



2) Has anyone else had a similar experience? And what were your repair costs.
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Bloody pheasants! https://www.thecanary.co/discovery/2017 ... snt-fault/

I had one bounce off my head, while riding my motorcycle :o
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Couple of suggestions.

Ring a hyundai dealer and they hopefully can assist.
I've noticed that there are quote a few Nline front parts available online from scrap yards (oh sorry) car dismantlers. Sometimes they display the part number for reference. It looks like the front assembly has multiple sections so hopefully you can identify it and perhaps have the option of a used part?
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Post by Indalo »

Most recently, I had a pair of Red Kites swoop down low coming from behind and the first one swung away sharply to the left at windscreen height. The second, only a split second behind, wasn’t quite quick enough to avoid my Tucson bumping its rear end as it sought to veer away to the right. I was doing just shy of 60 mph at the time and braked momentarily as the first bird suddenly came into view.

A glance in the rear view mirror showed no sign of the Kite that I caught just under the offside headlamp and I just hoped there was no damage. Once I parked up at home, I had a good look round and I could see the mark of a wing but it barely showed up in the dust and clearly, no damage had been done. Fortunately, the birds were going in pretty much the same direction as my car. Had they been coming the other way, it could have meant an expensive repair and probably curtains for the Kite! The stretch of road I was on at the time is infamous for deer activity so I’m always extra cautious, on the lookout, driving along there.
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Post by Davis63 »

A good body shop maybe be able to take that piece off and plastic weld that piece and give it a spray over as a cheaper option
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