New Specs out for new Tucson in the UK

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I see in Ireland the new Specs have been released and the price has gone up. I can understand in two ways why the price has gone up:

1. They've just gone up as prices generally have everywhere
2. They now have blind spot monitoring and area view in the top spec whereas they did not previously so that is a cost right there. I have also noticed that even the entry level car(Comfort Plus aka the SE) has front LED Headlamps not Halogen anymore. I don't currently see the Specs on the N-Line but I do see the price. The thing the last N-Line didn't have was an electric tailgate, maybe it will have it now. Still no mention of memory seating or cooled air seats, never had them before and doens't seem to now either. Same with a Pano roof, simply never been an option in Ireland. No adaptive cruise, never been an option to date.

I wonder this variant of the Tucson(in Ireland) will they actually have the rear vents in the back of the armrest or back under the front seats. Seems odd that different countries have different locations for it, surely it would be cheaper on the economies of scale to keep them in one location.

Normally, as the SE Connect/Comfort Plus, is the main seller in Ireland you could easily spot them from a distance with halogen headlamps and indicators where the LEDs headlamps would normally be. You could tell the car from a distance. Kind of like any other car where the entry level doesn't have the "better" headlamps. The really odd thing is that their rear lamps are still halogen, so they will get the front LEDs but not the rear LEDs. Madness.

Did Ireland retain the Diesel in Manual? Yes, they did which is rare to see these days. Entry level manual diesel is €39,045 and Motor Tax is €270 per year. Most expensive option is the PHEV of course and in N-Line with a 2 tone roof is €52,495 but again no pano roof, no memory seats, no air cooled seats(maybe no electric tailgate in the Nline) and no adaptive cruise in any model but balanced out in a tiny way by being €140 per year motor tax.

Is it enough for me to consider a facelift change? Not really unless I got a great deal. I know the guy who is now the GM of the new dealership in my area(opened only a few weeks) so maybe there is a deal to be done.
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