Adjusting steering for the camber of the road

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maurice28 wrote:
Thu Jul 28, 2022 10:00 am
Yes, I'm not sure if I've just randomly started noticing it or not and then become more aware of it. Regardless, I've just booked it in to have the alignment checked at the dealer on Monday so will see if that picks anything up!
I'll relate this to you for info, but it might not apply to our Tucsons or modern cars in general.
Ten years ago I bought a new Kia Sportage. Right from the off it would try to pull me off the road, mainly to the left, but also to the right on occasion if the camber went that way as well.
It would do it on roads that looked like they had no camber at all and if you were the type of person who doesn't concentrate when driving, it could pull you off the road. I wouldn't let my wife drive it because I deemed it dangerous.
The car also lacked a self centering action, which was bloody annoying, and again, it could be dangerous for the unaware.
The dealer did what they could initially to find the cause, including checking tracking, steering geometry and looking for any damage. Nothing found and I didn't want to keep the car, as it was no pleasure to drive and was dangerous, so I took it back to the dealer together with a letter of rejection.
They must have done some research with Kia Uk, because they asked me to take the car out for a drive, together with their head tech armed with a laptop plugged into the diagnostic socket. Once on the move, he explained that cars leave the factory with six different settings for steering and suspension configurations and each car should have the setting for whatever part of the world they were bound for.
If I remember correctly, there were 2 European settings, 2 Middle Eastern, an Australian and somewhere else. We went through all 6 and I had to pull over and stop each time he changed the setting until we found one I was comfortable with. It transpired that I had the wrong European setting from new (I guess it was for left hand drive cars) and once the other European setting was entered, the car was a different beast.
There must have been other similar complaints, because sometime later my dealer called me in and said Kia had issued a software update which they wanted me to try. This we did and that made the steering even better, so I kept the car.
I have no idea if Kia and Hyundai still have a similar setup in their current cars, but if you get nowhere with the alignment check, this might be worth a mention, as mistakes do happen in the factory as I've found out more than once.
Of course, if your problem wasn't there when you first got the car, please ignore the above. :)
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