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Post by slovell1965 » Wed Jul 27, 2022 4:41 pm

I think I may be losing the plot a little so I need some feedback from other owners of 2022 model Tucson Hybrid Premium spec cars to confirm it or prove me sane.

The manual for my car indicates that there are settings for the Smart Cruise Control function that allow the driver to set the pick up of the car speed (I think it's Fast / Normal / Slow) when SCC is active and the car in front speeds up, or you pull out to overtake a car that has slowed below you SCC speed setting. The settings are on the screen that displays a graphic of the car and allows changing of settings for other external sensors etc.

Now the weird bit - I am convinced that when I took delivery of the car in April I was able to access these settings and select the one of the three above pick up speed I want, however when I now navigate through the settings to the car graphic screen the settings are no longer there and I genuinely can't remember if I dreamt that and have only seen them in the manual, or they were really there and have disappeared, perhaps since the recent software update.

The dealership seems to think I imagined it and are trying to suggest (although they don't seem sure) that the ability to change settings on the SCC varies from model to model and that this feature may only be present on the Ultimate spec cars.

Is there another 2022 Tucson Hybrid Premium spec owner on here that could help and let me know if those settings exist or are just a figment of my frazzled imagination?

I would be very grateful for the sanity check :?

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Post by Philr » Wed Jul 27, 2022 5:33 pm

I've got a Hybrid Premium and just checked and it is not on the graphic with a car. The pick up speed seems to be controlled by which drive mode you are in - Eco or Sport p7-79 of my manual.

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Post by Rossandjet » Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:48 pm

I also have the Premium model but have not come across this feature, I have not had a problem with the car's pick-up speed. Although I have not tried it, the speed of pickup may well be related to the distance setting from the car in front, long, medium, or short. If you have the distance setting on your car set to the smallest your car should move away sooner. With regard to overtaking, your car will accelerate as soon as you put on your indicator either to your set speed or to the slower speed of the vehicle in front. I hope this helps.

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