Future plans for hybrid 4WD 230ps auto

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Post by roadster » Mon Aug 01, 2022 9:39 am

Can't say that I strongly advocate 4WD but there are two situations where I do appreciate it. One is general confidence on wet and greasy roads the other is the feel and balance of the car during cornering under power. We are all used to the feel of normal front wheel drive understeer at ordinary driving speeds and its perfectly safe, but there is nothing quite like being able to "steer" the car around bends with a precise amount of accelerator pedal input.

I have been monitoring the rear motor drive via the centre display option and it very cleverly cuts in when accelerating or cornering. But it is understandable that only the PHEV would have enough electrical reserve to do this predictably and this may be why the option is not there on other hybrid models.
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