Fuel Filler Flap not sitting flush

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VB32 wrote: Fri Mar 22, 2024 8:25 am Took my car for it’s 1st services yesterday at my local dealer, was charged £25 to have fuel filler flap adjusted. I mentioned no one else was getting charged for resolving this issue. I was told this would only be case in the first 6 months of ownership that warranty covers adjustments.
My local dealer 'fixed' mine at 9 months F.O.C. I say 'fixed', because it's back to being slight proud again :( . The reason being: there is no adjustment; the fix seems to involve elongating the mounting holes and forcing the pipework into a different position :roll: (aka a 'bodge'!)

Did you buy the car from your local dealer? If so, you could invoke the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - totally separate to the manufacturer Warranty.
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Just recieved email from after sales manager, Hutchings - offering to refund the money paid for adjusting the fuel filler flap.

This as come out of blue, but can only assume my email to Andrew Ashley CEO Hyundai Uk, this morning has been forwarded on to Hutchings.

Finally got the fuel filler flap issue corrected free of charge , that should have been case all along.

Thank you, all for help/advice on this matter. 👍
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Result, pays to stick to your gune when you know you're in the right.
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PhilHornby wrote: Fri Mar 22, 2024 11:20 amyou could invoke the Consumer Rights Act 2015
Many people are unaware of the potential for dispute resolution enshrined in this piece of law but it has produced great results for many who have felt other channels were weighted in favour of car makers, car sellers, and the motor trade in general.
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The car went in for it's first service today picked up and returned and filler cap fixed
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vactorman wrote: Tue Mar 26, 2024 4:29 pm The car went in for it's first service today picked up and returned and filler cap fixed
Yes - as of today this should be dealt with FOC at service as Hyundai have contacted all their dealers. However as it is not a safety issue there won't be a recall.

Well done Hyundai and well done to the power of the forum.
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Took my Tucson to local dealer for the curtain airbag safety recall check & they did the fuel filler flush repair at the same time.
Nice to get both done at same time!
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