What will you replace your Tucson with ?

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Post by pharaoh »

Just an exercise should anyone care to join in.
Previous to buying my Tucson, I toyed with the idea of buying a car that is perceived as being a more upmarket, expensive SUV than ones I'd normally look at. Jaguar Land rover I dismissed, partly due to their poor reliabilty record + running costs. Volvo, I like the look of them, but again they've attained a reliabilty record which isn't the best, plus they're not cheap to run and repair. BMW, just expensive and I'm not overly keen on their latest styling. Genesis I quite like, but is it just a Hyundai in different clothes with a higher price tag (could've been tempted if there was a local dealer.
Lexus came out top for me at the time - good reliability, good dealers etc etc although styling is a little bland (I can live with it though). The deal breaker was that the nearest dealer is approx 50 miles away.
With the thought in mind of buying a more expensive car than I normally would and as I'm not a high mileage driver, my thought was that I'd keep whatever I chose for somewhat longer than the usual 3 years or less that I retain my cars. Anyway, during the course of all that, I decided that I wouldn't get any extra value for the extra £10 - 15,000 that I'd be spending over and above what I'd normally spend on what might be called a more bread and butter car.
At the time, the latest Tucson and Sportage sisters were new to the market and my eyes alighted on them. For me, the Tucson won in the exterior style stakes, but the Sportage shaded it in the interior. However, like for like the Sportage was more expensive and demos had only just arrived, so I ended up in a Hyundai dealer and bought a Tucson.
I should say here that I did not need or want 4WD and I wanted a guarantee that was longer than 3 years which Hyundai bring to the table and the deciding factor was that the dealer is only 3 miles away.
Two years later and I'm still enamoured with this car. Yes there's a few small things I'd change, but overall the car suits me and even more importantly, my wife likes it as well.

Getting near to the point now, I had the second service done recently, which brought home the fact I'd had the car that long already and it's gone quickly. All being well, I will keep it it until the third service, not least because that and the MOT are prepaid and also because I had a towbar fitted which wasn't cheap.

So, at 3 years old, I'll maybe getting itchy to change cars. Whether I will or not remains to be seen, but here's the stumbling block and the point of writing this. I have no idea what I could/would buy to replace the Tucson.
My criteria and I buy my own cars, not lease; got to be as good as the Tucson to drive, long guarantee, preferably not 4WD, dealer not too far away. The size of the Tucson suits me and I wouldn't want smaller, although slightly bigger is acceptable. Not ready for an all electric car yet, if ever. I like the self charging HEV and don't want a PHEV.

Anyway, regardless of my wants and needs, what, if anything have you people got on your radar to replace your Tucson ?? I know this a a sort of 'how long is a piece of string ' question, but I'm just interested to hear what you think is good enough as a replacement for similar money.

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Post by Berty »

I always have a list of cars to buy but the goalposts keep getting moved on price and spec often.

Bought the Tucson because both our mothers are getting up in age and getting in and out of the Tucson is easier but I did consider saloons. I skipped over the Skoda Superb as the new one was being hinted at, only coming out this year. Considered the Karoq but no HEV or PHEV, same with Kodiaq and pricing went crazy.

Ordered a Seat Taracco diesel, order pushed so much during COVID I walked away and now the price is mental. The removed spec yet the price jumped anyway and you've to pay even more now to get spec back in. Ordered a Formentor and back messed around the APR nearly doubling it so walked away from that also.

What would I buy next? Based on my most common usage a BEV would do me. Maybe Model Y Tesla or a BYD Seal. The issue is Tesla screw people on trade in but thankfully BYD is sold, I'm Ireland at least, through traditional dealership models so they're better on trade in values.

What would I like ? Volvo EX90 but I'd need to rob a bank or get 2 better jobs to pay for it.
Based in Ireland :mrgreen:
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I rather like the Mazda CX60 but suspect it falls into the 'larger' SUV category plus when new it's expensive. Cars of 'similar' size to Tucson ......
1. Volvo XC60 .... Nice looking car ...
2. BMW X3 .... its a beemer.. nuf said.
3. Mercedes ??? .... not what they used to be
4. Lexus NX ..... this would be my choice after the Tucson ...
5. Kia Sportage .... like interior but facelift Tucson is better again.
6. Mazda CX5 ..... just a bit boring..
7. Nissan Qashqai epower ..... like the idea of the powertrain ....
8. Honda CRV ..... since when was this soooo expensive ....
9. Ford ... not for me ..
10. Vauxhall ... not for me ..
11. VW Tiguan ..... facelift doesn't inspire me .. apparently electronics are better ... not for me ...
12 . Kia Sportage ...see what a facelift brings.
13. Skoda ... do they have a medium SUV?
14. Tucson ..... I really like the facelift ..
15. Genesis .... don't really know the offering
16. JLR .... see the reliability charts .. oh dear
17. Alfa Romeo Tonale .... stylish car .. don't know much about it ....
18. Peugeot/Citroen .... not for me
19. Audi whatever ..... Russian doll range and not for me ...
20. Seat ..... like Skoda, do they have a similar size SUV to the Tucson...
14. Others ???

For me it would therefore be:
1. Tucson.
2. Lexus NX.
3. Mazda CX60.

I had a close look at a Kia EV9 in a lovely blue colour this week. What a nice car but wow its expensive. Looks better than the new Sante Fe. The front and side of the Sante Fe look good, very Landrover but, I just can't get the 'ssangyong rodeus' out of my head when I look at the rear.
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Post by Berty »

The Kia EV9 is just shockingly expensive. When I watched the Carwow video on it it only really hit home when he said for less money you can have a BMW iX3 M Sport. The price of the GT Line 6 or 7 seater in Ireland is €85,500 excl metallic paint and delivery charges. The IX3 M Sport(comes with Met paint) in Ireland is €80,075 beginning. Granted it isn't 6 or 7 seater but when a Kia becomes more expensive than a BMW then its getting a little silly. The way I considered it in my head, IF you needed a 7 seater you could nearly have 2 x Tesla Model 3s for the money and have 10 seats and travel together and with Insurance and Tax it would still be cheaper(excl Electricity costs).

Even the bigger BMW iX is only €2k more than the Kia. I've only seen 2 KIA EV9s on the roads near me and jeepers they're big. If you're old enough to remember the original Judge Dredd I think cars have finally ended up looking like Judge Dredd cars.

For dotdotdot 13: Skoda do they have a medium SUV? They do, they have a few options. They are the facelifted Kamiq(more a crossover like a BMW X1) and then you've the Karoq and then you hit the 7 seater Kodiaq so likely Karoq is the answer. When they facelift this it might be a good choice in my preferred choice of Sportline.
Similarly you asked about Seat. There is the Seat Ateca which is a 5 seater but there is also their spin off brand called Formentor. This is the Cupra brand, there used to be Cupra models of Seats and instead they decided to just make it its own brand and dealerships. So Cupra Formentor is a beautiful car and comes as Petrol, Diesel(in Ireland anyway) and PHEV.

I also like the Nissan X Trail be it 5 or 7 seater. I tried to order one but again during the APR crisis of 2022 the APR went crazy with the banks wanting 7.9%, I remember VW wanted 9.9% on an ID4 and late 2023 it was 0%. So when Nissan wanted 7.9% I walked away, they now offer 2.9%. I drove one in the US for a few weeks(they call it the Rogue) and liked it so much I wanted to buy one when it launched in Europe as the facelift. I would still consider it for my next car.
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Post by dbrewood »

After doing a lot of research covering about 12 cars we decided (as we had to downsize) that for our 'move into retirement' car would still by Hyundai. We ordered a Kona N-Line S hybrid (with Lux pack) in Denim Blue on Wednesday. We're finalising the paperwork this afternoon.
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Post by DrElectron »

Certainly mine wont be another Hyundai.

If I kept an ICE then it'd be an Alfa Romeo Tonale

but would likely switch to a full EV next so...

Ford Explorer (if it ever arrives)
Renault Scenic E-Tech
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Post by Berty »

DrElectron wrote: Fri Feb 23, 2024 11:02 am Ford Explorer (if it ever arrives)
Renault Scenic E-Tech
Renault Austral maybe?
Based in Ireland :mrgreen:
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Post by XADE »

Nissan Ariya seems like a great package for the price.

As others have said, EV6 and co are too expensive
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Post by Big S »

Cupra will be releasing the fully electric Tavascan mid 2024 & the Terramar which is similar in size to the Tucson and will be HEV & PHEV. They are
saying the PHEV might do 62 miles on a charge. No prices as yet.

The EV 9 looks awful IMHO but will travel further than some of its rivals as it has a 99kwh battery 2 downsides though weighs 2664 kgs and is insurance group 50E!!!
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Post by Deleted User 1711 »

I'm still 'on the fence' with full EV so for time being I'll stick with the Hybrid. I believe full EV Road tax is being introduced in UK in 2025 so will be interesting to see how we get further shafted. Will the luxury car tax then apply to EVs over £40k? If so, that brings in most EVs if that the case. EV grants need to be provided and/or prices need to be more realistic. Will any manufacturer reduce their prices ..... I don't think so.

However, if I had my choice of EV, money no object, then for me it would be Porsche Taycan.

Coming out of my dream state, I too like the look of the Nissan Ariya albeit I haven't driving one. Base model of the ioniq 5 is £44k which by the time the Tucson facelift arrives with a markup on the Ultimate hybrid, the differential in price will be negligible particularly with the Tucsons luxury car tax burden.

I agree that some of the larger SUVs are become very large indeed and not something I would relish driving. I can't imagine the weight of some of these monsters and the hassle of parking them in our tiny UK parking slots.
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