What will you replace your Tucson with ?

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I've been in a similar spot, trying to figure out what could top my Tucson. Honestly, I think the Kia Sorento might be a solid option. It's got a similar vibe to the Tucson, but with a bit more space and some nice features.

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After nearly two years of owning my N-Line S and being very happy, I guess I just fancy a change, and will be picking up my new car this week - a DS 7 1.6 E-Tense Plug-In 14.2kWH Performance Line+ 4WD 300bhp. Buying a 23-reg with 6,000 less miles than my current Tucson, huge reduction in price from the original OTR of c. £51k, I'm 'only' putting in £2.5k to the deal.

I am now selling my private plate that I had on my Tucson that I originally bought from DVLA, TU72 SON. I am asking what I paid for it, £799, if anyone is interested let me know.

Wishing you remaining Tucson owners many years of happy motoring.
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