Ultimate v N Line S - happy with your choice?

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Greezy56 wrote: Thu Mar 14, 2024 10:03 pm There's a sub woofer in the boot and i have neither heard it sub or woof.
And with that, I have now had to mop up the tea I just spat all over my desk.

We went with the Ultimate over the N-Line S, and honestly the deciding factor was the seats. Switching between my wife and I driving, sometimes multiple times a day meant that having electric seats with memory for two people was kind of a must (although I was a little disappointed that the system didn't memorise mirror positions, our radically different seating positions mean that despite a near ½ foot difference in height, our ideal mirror positions are very nearly identical anyway). Its fortunate that we quite like the dark wheel arch trim contrasting with the body colour.
2023 1.6 TGDi 150 Ultimate, manual 2WD in red, with black interior.

Fantastic gadgets and tech, shame about certain "Safety" features...
(Lane Keeping Assistance having to be manually disengaged every start up, I'm looking at you!)

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