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Had a recent instance of picking up a nail in a tyre tread. TPMS duly reported the loss of pressure in the affected tyre. Except that there were 4 (yes, four!) separate warnings displayed on the drivers screen. There was the main warning triangle at the top, the TPMS warning, and then two further warning triangles at the bottom. Now, OK, I can accept the main warning triangle and the TPMS alert, but surely it doesn't need any more?
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That is odd. I had a screw in the tyre months ago on my 2023 and I did have the warning triangle along the top but I only had one alert on the bottom. Having multiple can be annoying but I often wonder to myself why it might be helpful and then I remind myself of:

Did you ever go to the supermarket and see somebody struggle with a trolley and you know full well they drove there and you think "if they're like this with a shopping trolley I wonder what they're like on the roads". I tell myself all those alarms and warnings are for them. You know the type, who drive with their wing mirrors folded and their rear view mirror pointing in the wrong direction, who drive with their lights OFF(so they only get the front DRLs on). They need 27 warning triangles or a hand that comes out of the screen and slaps them.

I had a warning appear myself two weeks ago as my self installed LED rear indicator was failed. It was still working but as one or two leds in it failed it generated a system error so although was "indicating" It needed removal. I had this done in 10mins. On older cars your indicators would "indicate" at 10x speed so you'd hear it and go "that's odd, I must check that out" but I'm sure you've seen cars/vans on the roads near you when they indicate and their indicators are flashing really fast. It's one of two things, it just happened and they're on the way to sort it out or they haven't a clue and its been like that for a long time. Reminds me of a boss I had a long time ago and I said "you're headlight bulb is gone, I've spares in the boot, I'll change it" and he said "NO, the car is due for a service and they'll do it there". The service wasn't for 2 months. He drove with one headlight until then. Some people don't care. Same guy also put 4 x Sunny tyres on my car and if you don't know what Sunny Tyres are I hope you never find out or have them fitted, they're known as "ditch finders" as in they'll find the ditches for you when cornering and send you into one.
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