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Avoid costly problems by checking a car's history. Get a report instantly.


Use our exclusive link below for 10% discount.

https://www.carvertical.com/gb/landing/ ... ringnation

Why check a cars history with Car Vertical?

CarVertical is the largest online database of used vehicle records. It contains more than 7 billion data points from all over the world.

Hidden damage report | Mileage rollback | Historical photos | Vehicle service history | Common faults of each model | Multiple owners | Theft records

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Post by Garamond »

What are some potential benefits of accessing CarVertical's extensive database of used vehicle records before purchasing a car?
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Perhaps it’s just me but is anyone else suspicious about someone who enters the site and produces a first post which is nothing other than an advert for a business?

Call me cynical but in my mind, the content of the post could easily be mistaken for spam or a scam, more so when the OP claims to be USA-based. I would have imagined that the business touted must have enormous scope in that country?

Perhaps, as this has appeared before, poster, ‘Rob’, an administrator?, could enlighten us?
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The original post was around 18 months ago. Just ignore the thread and it will go away

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Post by Philr »

Since Rob is Admin for the site, has been registered for 10 years and it's an 18 month old post what is the problem?

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