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As near everything else on the car is modern I was surprised that the rear lower lights on all models bar Nline models have incandescent bulbs fitted. Rather odd (but I see the Korean facelift models (even Nlines) have older bulb tech....

Anyways, not to be defeated and as others have done, I have changed to Canbus LED indicators and reverse. Foglight bulbs (if you're behind a Tucson, this bulb is visible as it has a clear outer lens and it looks a bit naf. Rather than use an LED, I've replaced with a Diadem bulb (the bulb glass looks multi-coloured) but when on is red. Even though its not LED it just looks better.

Real reason for the post is be careful of cheap LED bulbs that make all sorts of longevity claims. Mine have been fitted for at least 12 months with no errors until this week then I get a dash warning of indicator bulbs failure. I could clear the fault by indicating again but it soon came back. I therefore needed to get the bulbs out. To my dismay both the bulbs had split apart(see picture) and were shorting. If it had been only one bulb I would have passed it off as a dodgy bulb but two strikes of poor quailty.


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DotDotDotDot wrote: Tue Mar 19, 2024 4:43 pm I was surprised that the rear lower lights on all models bar Nline models have incandescent bulbs fitted.
Having read a few comments about the rear lighting arrangement on our Tucsons being either inadequate or simply not sufficiently modern in the minds of the complainants, I took a look recently at the back end of my car at twilight and again a little later when it was properly dark.

I can’t see anything wrong with the lights other than the fact that the position of the rear indicators is hardly ideal. That said, unless someone is tailgating too close to the back of my car, the low level indicators are perfectly okay. Even then, if a following driver is paying attention, he/she ought to spot the additional flashers in the door mirrors.

There are risks involved in fitting after-market electrical products to replace OE parts so I steer clear of that practice. In the case of the Tucson rear lighting arrangement, I’m content with the standard kit.
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