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Post by Sparkio »

I have a 71 reg Tucson and need go change the front wiper blades. I went on a website and bought these having put in my registration. https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/hyundai-t ... per-blades

I tried fitting them tonight but I can't find any of the attachments which fit.

Does anyone know if they should work (and if so, which attachment) or alternatively suggest which wiper blades to buy?

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Post by PhilHornby »

According to the video on that Web Page, you need "Connector A". I've not had to change mine yet, so can't comment if that is correct. The video makes installation look trivial, but it's a job I mess up, with monotonous regularity :roll:

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Post by Sparkio »

Thanks. I've managed to get it to work. One of the adapters has a clip which comes off (wasn't clear at first) and it then fits. Doesn't seem as neat a connection as the original but they are on and work.
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Post by Unimatrix »

Literally just changed mine on Sunday with no issues with the exception of the rear and having to google how to change it.
No issues after that.
Bosch ones on now and come with all attachments needed, you just need to choose the correct one.
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Post by RoboSquire76 »

I used Bosch blades from Halfords and I had to use a different "attachment" to what the instructions said. I also had to amend it ever so slightly to allow it to "click" into place... not sure if this helps... if you need any more specific details please shout up.
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