Catastrophic Engine Failure & Warranty Claim

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Post by PhilHornby »

No doubt we all have a paper copy of this document somewhere, but

here are: The Terms and Conditions of Hyundai's 5 Year Warranty
Making a claim
We hope you will have many years of safe and reliable motoring in your new Hyundai. If a
defect in manufacture should arise, any Authorised Hyundai Retailer or Repairer in the UK or
in Europe can put it right even if you did not buy the vehicle from that Retailer
. A claim for a
repair under your warranty can only be made at an Authorised Hyundai Retailer or Repairer,
and any claim must be made as soon as the defect arises.
If you do not agree with the decision of an Authorised Hyundai Retailer or Repairer decision
on your warranty claim, we may advise you to obtain an opinion from another Authorised
Hyundai Retailer or Repairer.
Your warranty claim may be referred to Hyundai UK which
reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether the defect is warrantable or to
appoint its own engineer to inspect the vehicle and/or the defect that has arisen.
Minor accident damage will not automatically invalidate the warranty. Any damage must be
repaired by a competent repairer to Hyundai’s standards and you must be able to furnish the
Authorised Hyundai Retailer or Repairer with any records requested to demonstrate this.
Warranty claims will not be accepted if the defect may be attributable to accident damage or
subsequent repair work.
Hyundai UK is committed to the Motor Ombudsman approved code of practice for new cars.
The Motor Ombudsman provide a Chartered Trading Standards Institute approved CTSI
certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service if a customer remains dissatisfied with
the outcome of a dispute covered by one of their Codes of Practice. Any dispute arising out
of or in connection with the Hyundai 5 Year Warranty that cannot be settled may, if you agree,
be referred to the Motor Ombudsman. Details can be found at, alternatively you can contact their Advice Line on 0345 241
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The problem with theses 1.6 diesel mild hybrid engines is continuing. My local dealership in Stratford on Avon have 3 cars in and a further 3 in their Warwick garage. They estimate that there could be hundreds currently under repair in the UK alone with ignoring all complaints and demands for clarification as well as replacement cars.
So much for the much vaunted long warrantees offered with Korean cars.
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Post by 3puddings »

Reading posts like these and others, also my own experience with Hyundai dealers, this will be the last Hyundai I buy!
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Post by JumpAndDive »

I'm late to this party, but my Tucson N-Line died on a country lane in Nov 2022 and was finally repaired in September 2023, a month after the lease expired. I was told 6 weeks.

I wondered if anyone had had a response from Hyundai? Even an acknowledgement of the terrible service would be something,

My biggest beef is that Hyundai were well aware of the fault in this engine (there were 3 cars before me with the same problem at the dealer I used, 8 in Coventry, was told Kia had an even bigger problem etc.) and yet they let us ride around in potentially dangerous cars. My engine failed on a national speed limit country lane & it was only by luck there was a tiny road I could roll into. I got a recall letter in June 23 (ish).

Aside from that it was also a ongoing, nagging pain in the backside. My Tucson was on lease, and I ended up paying £300 pcm for a string of hire cars of varying quality, thinking my car could be returned 'any day now'. I got charged £300 for a chipped windscreen from that fiasco - I frankly feel robbed.

I did (after many emails) get Hyundai Finance to refund the additional charge for the 28 days I was over lease, they waived the wear and tear fees as I hadn't had the car for 11 months, and got £50 compo for their repeated letters to get an MOT and road tax for a vehicle which I repeatedly advised was off the road, but has anyone pursued anything with Hyundai themselves about the appalling state of it all?

Rant over. Thanks if you read this far.

I did get a laugh out of it though, when the Hyundai dealer sent me an invite to their new car event a couple of weeks ago... I was very tempted to turn up and mingle, telling everyone about my experience!
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Post by Dave1033 »

Hi, hope I haven’t missed the boat in this forum. I have a 2020 Tucson MHEV. The vehicle is the subject of four factory recalls but when I booked it into the Hyundai dealers in Coventry, they had the car for a day, but on collection I was told they couldn’t do the recall as they didn’t have the parts. I was told to take the car, and I would be contacted to arrange for the work to be done. After two weeks there was no contact, so I called , and they booked the car in a month later. The day before it was due to go in, Johnson’s Hyundai called and cancelled, stating the mechanic had quit, so they couldn’t do the work. Again I was told to await a a call.
As we were moving house, I decided to book the vehicle in at a different dealership closer to the new house. Whilst waiting for the appointment A few weeks ago, I lost all servo assistance on the brakes. I contacted Hyundai and asked there advice but they stated it was nothing to do with the recall, so I needed to book the vehicle in for a diagnostic. After doing a little research it appears that the recall covers the Tandem pump mesh failure, which does control the servo for the brakes. Hyundai have now stated the pump is damaged as a result of the recall issue. They have had the car for a week with no update.
Has anyone else had this issue? And if so, what was the outcome?
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Post by Davis63 »

I had a 2020 DS7 Crossback Performance line and they have written it off after the engine failed at 28000 miles, had it from new and had every service and recall done by the main dealer, stuff does happen and a colleague has a Peugeot and his engine failed on 39000 miles, As regards waiting for parts, the DS needed a new turbo and I waited Dec 2022 until March 2023 to get it back, just don't think cars are built as well as they used to be. but its really annoying all the inconvenience that you are put through.
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Post by WBW »

We have a 2020 Tucson N line .
It has been unused for around 3 weeks due to home working .
Tried to start it without success .
The engine spun over quickly enough but failed to fire .
Now ,nothing at all .
We get lights on the dashboard ,but nothing from the engine .
It has been suggested that the starter motor has failed and in turn , the timing has slipped and destroyed the engine ......
It has just been towed away to the dealership who have made us wait 5 weeks for an appointment .
I'm now awaiting a call for them to worm their way out of a warranty claim .
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Post by guitared »

Have a 2021 mild hybrid (last of the old model) which had the timing issue, after engine light came on in late December. Was towed to local Hyundai dealership and after delays in fixing due to what I presume to be a backlog of cars with the same issue, have just received the call that it's ready to collect following a full engine rebuild. They have apportioned no blame and fixed under warranty citing that it has been serviced at Hyundai. Have had 2 hire cars in the meantime to keep me going, which has definitely stopped me throwing my toys out the pram.

My main concern is that they don't just fix the same parts as before, so effectively have just replaced one ticking timebomb with another. Garage is being cagey in this so far, does anybody know if they have proper replacement parts which solves the root cause?
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Post by ray.ward »

I have a September 2023 1.6 HEV and after 3 months of ownership and just over 1,000 miles on the clock has been in the dealership for nearly 6 weeks awaiting repair

One of the "belts" squeals every time it transitions from Electric to Petrol and makes a loud "tappet sound" when idling / tick over

It has taken them 5 weeks to exhaust everything and finally log a "Technical Ticket" with Hyundai Warranty and are waiting a response from them as to the next steps.

I am also told this is something to do with the Hybrid Tensioners and the Auxiliary belt

Communication has been somewhat lacking and I ended up logging a formal complaint which they call an escalation via Hyundai UK after 3 weeks which has yet achieved very little apart from further frustration

I am hoping that the part is not on back order as that will lead to further delays.

Apparently my car is one of many onsite, with some having been there for 5 months!
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Post by howitis »

For Ray Ward, that's the first full hybrid 230 I have heard with that sort of trouble and doesnt appear to relate to other complaints or similar cars on this subject page. I would be interested to know hich dealer has a collection of full hybrid 230's awaiting months for repairs please?.
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